AARPS, winner of the UOW Global Challenges Travel Grant

AARPS Artistic Director Roselle Pineda and AARPS documenter and archivist Loujaye Sonido, named as one of the winners of the University of Wollongong Global Travel Grant 2018.
Pineda’s research aims to explore how cultural research and gatherings such as heritage festivals, empower communities to effectively deal with the challenges that these community face amidst a changing environment.
The UOW Global Challenges travel grant will be able to partially fund the Pineda and Sonido’s on-going documentary project/research on the Dumagat culture and heritage in Dingalan, Aurora as well was the yearly, Adow ne Domaget (Dumagat Day) Festival.
Click the link below to view their winning video submission:


Adow ne Domaget 2018 in Dingalan, Aurora


Featuring the Dumagat Communities of Sitio Singawan, Umiray and Sitio Cabog, Matawe in Dingalan, Aurora Province, Philippines. 29-30 April 2018.

Video Team:

Project Head and Director: Roselle Pineda

Editor and Camera: Loujaye Sonido

Camera: Pol Torrente and Kariema Bagas

Photography: Jen Gamboa, Teta Tulay and Sam Baguhin

The First Adow ne Domaget festival held in Dingalan, Aurora


(A Dumagat family in their full traditional clothing in front of the Dumagat Day mural painted by AARPS artist-in-residence Cece Carpio of the Trust Your Struggle (TYS) visual arts collective from the Bay Area in the U.S. Photo by Tomas Leonor)


The Adow ne Domaget festival is initiated by the five Dumagat communities in Dingalan, Aurora – Brgy. Caragsacan, Brgy. Dikapanikian, Brgy. Matawe, Brgy. Ibona and Brgy. Umiray – through the leadership of Indigenous Peoples Mandatory (IPMR) representative Francesca Aumentado and Chieftain Jhornie “Sonny” dela Cruz. The festival was finally held last 28-29 of May 2018 in Sitio Cabog, Brgy. Matawe, Dingalan, Aurora.

The two-day event set the small town of Dingalan, Aurora abuzz with parades, traditional Dumagat games, story-telling, and closing program to give tribute to the communities’ Elders as cultural bearers and to sign three community resolutions to uphold Dumagat rights and claim to ancestral domains, to keep the Adow ne Domaget as a yearly event, and a statement to stop militarisation in the Dumagat ancestral domain.

DAY 1: Games and Story-telling as Important Community Meetings

Day 1 of the festival started with a program at the Dingalan municipality center with opening prayers, welcome remarks of Mayor Shierwin Taay and a traditional parade throughout the center.


(Moments before the Dumagat Day festival parade. The Dumagat community raise their hands in order to indicate the joy they feel in finally having a festival on their behalf in Dingalan, Aurora. The parade was headed by the various Chieftains of the different Dumagat community in Dingalan. In the photo are Chieftain Jhornie (Sonny) dela Cruz and elders of the Bulos tribe from Brgy. Matawe. Photo by Carel Mapaano)

Members of the community then headed back to Sitio Cabog where the rest of the festival will happen and started with various traditional Dumagat games such as bow and arrow and spear precision shooting.

According to the Elders, since most of these communities walk to far away places to hunt, forage, slash and burn and fish for food and other livelihood, games became an important community tool for gathering, merriment and discussing community issues.


(Dumagat competitor, Kuya Sarte, for bow and arrow competition. Photo by Carel Mapaano)

The first day culminated through the traditional Dumagat story-telling/community meeting called pasurot-surotan. In this event, the community gathering around the bonfire by the beach and under the full moon to talk about pertinent issues in the community.


(Photo by Carel Mapaano)

DAY 2: Tribute to the Elders as Cultural Bearers and Upholding Community Solidarity through Community Resolutions on cultural heritage, ancestral domains and protecting the IP life and livelihood

Day 2 of the festival started with more games.

Some of the games that were featured in the festival were lost games or games that has not been recorded before. The pagbo or traditional Dumagat wrestling is a game in which the community especially loved as a form of entertainment, but it also shows the competitive side of the usually deemed as gentle and non-confrontational Dumagat.


(Photos by Carel Mapaano)

The event culminated in a program to honour the inaugural celebration of the Adow ne Domaget festival through a tribute to the Elders of each Dumagat community in Dingalan, Aurora as cultural bearers.  It ended with a strong political statement/resolution through the signing of three community resolutions – one, to uphold the Dumagat Indigenous peoples rights and claim to ancestral domain; two, to keep the Adow ne Domaget festival as a year Dumagat cultural heritage festival and finally, to uphold the Dumagat rights to safe existence and livelihood by petitioning to stop military operations in their ancestral domains that have caused massive evacuations in their communities and unjust detainment and/or questioning of some their tribe members.


The Adow ne Domaget festival of 2018 is a joint project of the Pasulosagkaden ah Kinasigepoan ne Domaget (PAKNED) or Dumagat Cultural Council, the office of the Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative in Dingalan, Aurora, the five Dumagat communities in Dingalan, Aurora and the Aurora Artist Residency Program and Space (AARPS); with a great deal of support from our partners the Nagkakaisang Kabataang Dumagat (NKD), Management and Organisational Development for Empowerment (MODE),  Municipality of Dingalan, Aurora, the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) in Dingalan, Aurora and individual sponsorships from the people of Dingalan, Aurora.


PAKNED and AARPS fund drive for the very first Adow ne Domaget (Dumagat Day) festival in Dingalan, Aurora

We are excited to share that the very first “Adow Ne Dumaget” or Dumagat Day Festival will be held this year, on May 28-29, 2018.

With the theme “Pagkilala, Pagkikilanlanan, at Pagpapakilala,” (Recognition, Gathering and Introduction) this historic two-day event will set the community center abuzz with festivities, traditional games, parades, exhibits, and performances geared to foster gatherings and exchanges to celebrate the Dumagat indigenous peoples’ cultural heritage. The event aims to foster a deeper understanding of our own local culture as this is key to empowering the Dumagat communities.

We need your help to make this happen.

We at the Dumagat Cultural Council (PAKNED) in cooperation with the Aurora Artist Residency Program and Space (AARPS) are working to raise funds for this cause, and we hope you can support us by being one of our sponsors.

Below is the link to our crowdfunding site, please donate and share with people who might be interested in supporting this cause. Any amount of donation will be equalled with our utmost gratitude and a special Adow ne Domaget postcard, while those who will contribute 5000-up will entitle the sponsor to a gift pack that includes free accommodation at the Aurora Artist Residency Space – Casita Aurora, as a reward.


IMG_0961 2

AARPS conducts marine biodiversity scoping with HANDS


The Aurora Artist Residency Program and Space in cooperation with HANDS – Japan project headed by Ralph Cabinta Lumbres conducts marine biodiversity scoping with UP marine biologist, Diuvs De Jesus.


The result of the scoping will be part of the data gathering for Lumbres’ 3D mapping project with the Dumagat community in Dingalan, Aurora and AARPS.




AARPS forges partnerships with the Dumagat Community for Dumagat Day Festival

The Aurora Artists Residency Program and Space (AARPS) forges partnership and collaboration with the Dumagat Community of Dingalan, Aurora in preparation for the “Adow ni Dumaget Festival” or “Dumagat Day Festival.”

In a meeting attended by the representative Chieftains, Elders, and Youth Leaders of the various Dumagat communities in Dingalan, Aurora, as well as representatives from MODE Inc., and facilitated by AARPS founder and director, Roselle Pineda, the very first “Adow ni Dumaget Festival” was agreed to be set on May 2018 with the theme “Pagkilala, Makilala, at Pagpapakilala” to foster gatherings and conversations surrounding recognition, education, and presentation of the Dumagat indigenous peoples cultural heritage and tradition.


The AARPS formally launches in Dingalan, Aurora

The Aurora Artist Residency Program and Space (AARPS) celebrates its formal launching with the Dumagat and local communities, and guests from the Japan Foundation Manila, and the Department of Art Studies, UP Diliman, on June 17, 2017.


The celebration started on June 16, when guests arrived for a Welcome Dinner and an orientation of the AARPS vision, mission and goals, presented by the AARPS founder, Roselle Pineda.


More guests arrived in the morning for a breakfast gathering, with the Dumagat community members and leaders.



A site-specific movement piece by Roselle Pineda, Elena Laniog and Sara Samaniego, with audience participation, was the highlight of the two-day launch.


And ended with a site-visit to the gorgeous Lamao Caves in the nearby island.