Aurora Artist Residency Program and Space (AARPS)

Building critical communities through shaping creative communities

Aurora Artist Residency Program and Space (AARPS)

The Aurora Artist Residency Program and Space (AARPS) is an independent and non-profit residency program and space focused on initiating discussions on community empowerment and sustainable environment through research, education, and creative thinking and action.

AARPS is located in Casita Aurora, Brgy. Butas na Bato, Dingalan, Aurora Province, Philippines. It sits on the eastern coastline of the Philippine Sea/Pacific Ocean and the north-eastern part of the Sierra Madre mountain range.

AARPS believes in the potential of creativity and creative work and process in yielding critical (thinking) communities; and as such, we work in close partnership with various grassroots communities in the area, particularly the five Dumagat communities in Dingalan located in the villages of Matawe, Caragsacan, Ibona, Umiray, and Dikapanikian.

AARPS implements creative-based projects and community-based partnerships with local communities in Dingalan through its five focus programs, namely,

  1. The AARPS Residency Program;
  2. The AARPS Research Center;
  3. The AARPS Education and Cultural Exchange Program;
  4. The AARPS Community Collaboration Program; and finally,
  5. The AARPS Art Space

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