Aurora Artist Residency Program and Space (AARPS)

The Aurora Artist Residency Program and Space (AARPS), is an independent and non-profit residency program and space, focused on initiating discussion on community empowerment and sustainable environment, through culture and the arts.

We at AARPS, strongly advocate that a community that is entrenched in creativity, creative work and process, yields critical (thinking) communities; and critical communities are empowered and empowering communities.

The residency is located in the quaint property Casita Aurora, Barangay Butas na Bato, Dingalan, Aurora in the cusp of the vast Sierra Madre mountain ranges and the Pacific Ocean; and we partner with local communities such as the Dumagat community, the fisherfolk and upland farmers that reside in the area to work on projects that highlight the essentiality of creativity, art and culture in empowering communities.

The AARPS programmatic focus include:

  1. ART. Through the Casita Aurora Artist Residency (CAAR), and in partnership with various independent artist residencies throughout the country, AARPS is determined to help artists curate, present and produce art works that are geared towards environmental sustainability and community empowerment.
  2. RESEARCH. Research is one of the strong suits of AARPS because it is connected with various institutions and experts in the field. Thus, making its various research programs such as Cultural, Biodiversity and Marine Biodiversity Mapping, among others, as initial research bases and resources for shaping sound and sustainable cultural programs for the municipality of Dingalan. Aside from this, AARPS is also projected to have its own library and archive.
  3. EDUCATION. AARPS recognize the important of education in any endeavor, and AARPS is bent on contributing to the development of the municipality of Dingalan through its numerous educational programs, which includes – publications and development of modules and other educational materials on culture, art, community and environment and giving workshops and trainings on these fields.
  4. COMMUNITY. AARPS also strongly believe that any endeavor of development for a community and/or area, should be in partnership with the community and its many stakeholders, thus, AARPS makes sure that its various programs involves the community in shaping and implementing the projects. This will also ensure a sense of sustainability for AARPS numerous programs. 
  5. SPACE. The AARPS serves as an art hub in the municipality of Dingalan. It is not only projected to host artists and art events all over the world but also can be a space to hone local artistry, host local art events in Dingalan.



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