Aurora Artist Residency Program and Space (AARPS)

Building critical communities through shaping creative communities

Greenlight Children’s Academy (GCA)

Greenlight Children’s Academy (GCA) is an educational institution located in Cabanatuan City that focuses on pre-school and primary/elementary education services.

GCA envisions a safe and peaceful community especially for children that will allow them to live a  healthy, well-adjusted life and be socially aware. In the principle that education is key to achieving this goal, GCA believes that the school will be of great contribution to the grand scheme of things towards this vision.

It is the school’s commitment to establish an institution that centers on the cultivation of a strong foundation for children to obtain the skills and knowledge and to provide opportunities that will develop their physical, social, and intellectual faculties that will enable them to become compassionate, rational, responsible, and good citizens of his/her community.

GCA is one of the biggest supporters of the Aurora Artist Residency Program and Space (AARPS).

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